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Our Future

Once a large movie house seating over 1,300 people, The Colonial Theater is now preparing for the future. We are currently undergoing extensive restoration for a future which will include concerts, live theater, digital film presentations and more. To that end, the theater is undergoing extensive renovations and modern updates.. seen and unseen. Will those that attended a theater showing in their youth recognize the theater when we are done? They certainly will.

The theater is being restored in a very careful, accurate and deliberate way in order to bring back the beauty that so many before us had seen. Years of neglect and decay will be stripped away to reveal a wonderful, historically accurate restoration of what literally generations of Maine residents saw, lived with and enjoyed.

All the colors of the original walls, ceilings, and decorative details will come alive again. Everything your family of over 107 years ago would have enjoyed will be back, all crisp and renewed. Your children and grand children will at long last be able to make the same sentimental connection that you once experienced. All that and more.

Modern amenities such as air conditioning, elevators, accessible seating in all areas including the balcony.. modern restrooms, expanded lobby, art gallery, state of the art sound and lighting systems, an expanded stage, orchestra pit, and digital projection to show both new films and revisit the films of your past. Educational spaces and programming for youth and adults of all ages. Elegant old world style with all the comforts and conveniences of today.

In November of 2019, the entire façade of the theater was covered in scaffolding and protective tarping.. what’s going on behind it? The complete historic restoration of the entire face of the building. Every brick is being cleaned, every mortar joint repaired. The crown decorations, the windows, the doors.. even the original American Flag pole will be restored, repainted, and adorned with the American Flag once more.

The colors of the façade refreshed and renewed. In short, when the protective scaffolding and tarps come down, everyone will be able to see a vivid reflection of our past and a fresh, clean, crisp glimpse into the future of The Colonial Theater.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, the generosity of individuals, businesses and foundations.. families & friends.. its happening. We invite you to join us in this multi million dollar restoration of The Colonial Theater. Your tax deductible donation, large or small, will help complete the restoration and open the doors once again to the public.

The theater is owned and operated by the Colonial Theater, Inc. which is a not for profit organization devoted to the restoration and operation of the theater for the enjoyment of the residents and visitors to Augusta and the entire state of Maine. Every penny that comes in goes directly to the restoration, preservation and operation of the theater. It belongs to all of us.

Please take a moment to visit the various pages here on the Colonial web site. We hope you will become a part of it all by making your pledge or donation to help complete the restoration as soon as possible. We look forward to the day we all meet inside The Colonial to enjoy friends, family, and of course.. a great show!

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